Expertise in rust prevention. Oléus and her story.

Oléus has developed a range of coatings and lubricants through its strong affinity with shipbuilding in which the terms control, protection and maintenance are as the heart of our actions. Especially the term protection is the essence of our products that we offer to our customers. We, thus, present ourselves as the anti-corrosion specialist.

Through the strong distribution network and the flat organization structure, we are able to provide a quick and adequate support. We train our distribution partners intensively that they keep being aware of all new developments within the company and industry. This way our partners are able to give you a correct advice. In addition, by focusing on the technical support combined with the method of handling and maintenance Oléus can effectively make your plan work.

Furthermore, the sales is not only our goal for existence, we want to give our products an extra dimension. Our knowledge goes beyond the purchase. We immerse ourselves in all fecets around the products such as the characteristics, quality, the use and maintenance of the products. Moreover, we find it very important that Oléus contributes to a clean and save environments which remains the constant innovation of our products intact. Will you help us? A jump in the past. The idea to operate this large market with a small company was created by Bart van der Goot in 2005. Since the start Oléus has profiled itself as a supplier of coating and protectives in which logistics are outsourced. The motte is being big by staying small. During the developments of our products, the paint market has always been approached from the oil standpoint. By doing so, Oléus is able to establish other products than her competitors, this way we can distinguish ourselves from the competitor.

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paint for your ship
  • Oléus expert in rust prevention;
  • Oléus has specialized itself in the maritime industry;
  • Over 30 years of experience within the Maritime industry;
  • Our products are primarily invented to prevent rust formation