Project Description

Oléus Basekote HL 20

Product Description
Oléus Basekote HL 20 is a blend of petroleum waxes and additives with the function to build up a base of wax layers for moving heavy objects.

Oléus Basekote HL 20 is used by shipyards on traditional slipways for launching vessels. The product is also suitable for moving other heavy objects as: bridges, heavy metal construction parts, sections, storage tanks etc. For good results the user should use this product as a Basekote for the slipkote Oléusgrease EFL 132. This is an environmentally friendly friction modifier.

Method of application
Oléus Basekote must be applied in an environment which is clean, dry and without raised dust in the air. The base needs to be dry, clean oil and grease free. The Basekote should be heated till max 130 ˚C to ensure correct bonding. Apply the product in successive coats at such a rate that one coat is not completely hardened when the following layer is applied. Possible air bubbles should be stabbed because it negatively affects the homogenously of the product. Applied layers need to be kept clean from dust. For building a specific thickness it could be necessary to use several layers of Basekote. When doubting the user should directly call their Oléus informant.


  • High pressure capacity till 70 Meton per square meter.
  • Sticks superbly to wood. • Applicable in a large temperature area.
  • High resistance against transformation.
  • Slipway base for friction modifier Oléusgrease EFL132
  • Packed in manageable cart board boxes.
Typicals Methode Specificatie
Colour Visual Amber
Congealing Point ASTM D 38 60 – 66 C
Viscosity at 100 C ASTM D 3236 8 – 14 m Pa.s
Penetration at 25 C ASTM D 1321 20 – 28 *0,1 mm

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