Project Description

Oléus HoldMar | Ship hold paint in anthracite grey

Developed coating for vessels that sail with coal. Preservation of ships and steel constructions.

Product description
Oléus HoldMar is a quick drying strong adhesive paint based on modified alkyd resin and pigmented by high performance pigments.

Oléus HoldMar protects in a quick and easy way. For instance, bare iron in a ship hold and metal construction.


  • Dries quickly;
  • Can be applied on most of the existing systems;
  • Strong anti-corrosion effect;
  • Strong covering power;
  • Easy to apply;
  • The surface dries first in which the adhesion of cargo residues will be minimized;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Does not drip off at high temperatures;
  • Good adhesion on previous old paint layer;
  • Long service life;
  • Reclosable package;
  • Hard protective;
  • Selective color;
  • Can be applied on bare iron;
  • Due to fast drying it is less likely to have drops

Basic data

Colors: Anthracite grey
Brightness: Satin gloss
Volume solids ± 55%
Density 1,34 kg/ltr
VOS max. 440 gr/liter (upon delivery)
Flash point >25°C
Recommended layer thickness 40 μm (dft) per layer
Quantity of layers 1 – 2
Consumption per m² 12,5 m²/ltr (at 40 μm)

Instructions for use Oléus HoldMar

  • The substance needs to be stirred well before use;
  • Humidity: max. 90% RV. Temperature min. 5°C; max. 30°C;
  • Preferable temperature of the pain not lower than t ± 10°C;
  • Substrate temperature should be at least 3°C above dew point;
  • During application and drying the area needs to be adequately ventilated.

The process with an Airless spray

  • Spay pressure: 120 -170 bar. Spray opening : 0.38 – 0.48 mm/ 0.015 – 0.019 inch;
  • Spray angle: 50 – 80 degrees. Max. 5% dilution with turpentine.

The process with an Air spray

  • Spay pressure 3 – 5 bar. Spray opening : ± 1.5 mm;
  • Max. 5% dilution with turpentine.

The process with a brush or roller

  • Solvent resistant brush or roller. Max 3% dilution with turpentine. The coating thickness range is lower when applying by brush or roller.

Cleaning thinner

  • Turpentine

Drying time

Temperature Dust dry Manageable Recoated after (min) Recoated after (max)
10 °C 6 hours 30 hours 16 hours Unlimited
23 °C 3 hours 16 hours 12 hours Unlimited


Repainting without sanding; The surface must be clean an free from contamination. When in doubt, consult your Oléus representative.

Surface preparation
The surface must be dry and free of salts, oils and other contaminants. Remove loose or damaged parts. Salts and impurities should be removed by spraying with fresh water, preferably at high pressure. Grease, oil and other soluble pollution should be removed with an appropriate cleaner. Roughening the intact parts by sanding or sandblasting. Remove rust.

Safety data (summary)
The complete safety instructions can be found on the safety sheet. With respect to the use of this product, apply the local laws and regulations. Read the instructions properly on the label and safety data sheet before using this product. When using the product, please do not smoke and keep the product away from children. The area needs to be ventilated well.

The information which is contained in this product sheet is issued based on the current knowledge and is correct at the date of issuance. We strive for completeness of advice concerning this products, we have no control over the many other factor that can affect the process of the product. Liability for damages resulting from the use of the product sheet is excluded. We reserve the right to make changes without notification.

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