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Oléus Puralin BT (Float coat)

Product description
Oléus Puralin BT is an oily liquid which consists of oils, anti-rust additives and lanolin (wool fat). The product is free of solvents. Oléus Puralin BT penetrates old rust layers and fight against further

Oléus Puralin BT is an oily substance consisting of oils, anti-rust additives and lanolin. This products does not consists of any detergents. Oléus Puralin BT reaches old layers of rust and prevent against further formation of rust. The product forms a non-drying emulsified soft protective layer when situated in a humid environment. Oléus Puralin BT can also be used as float coat.

  • Detergents-free. It is not hazardous to apply
  • Impregnating, which stops further formation of rust
  • Perfect adhesion to steel surfaces and it provides full protection

Oléus Puralin BT is a liquid that will be mixed itself with rust. It floats on water and it can also be used as a float coat. It stops further rust formation on rusted and bare steel, in ballast tanks and in double sides / bottoms of ships, oil rigs, dry docks, inside of gates,stir and many other applications in the maritime and industrial industry. Specific pre-treatment is not necessary, if possible, however, advisable.


  • Contains oils and lanolin;
  • Contains anti-rust inhibitors;
  • Contains adhesive additives;
  • Contains no solvents, thus it isn’t dangerous when applying;
  • Requires minimal surface preparation;
  • Penetrates existing rust;
  • Adheres to steel surfaces and it provides full protection;
  • It does not dry, so it can not crack .;
  • It can be applied by airless spray, sponge, scrub brush, roller and flotation;
  • Easy to remove if necessary;
  • Packaged in five-gallon sealable cans with spout;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Impregnating, which stops the corrosion;
  • Do not evaporates;
  • It is not necessary to preparate the surface thoroughly, like sanding, chipping, blasting or brushing;
  • With constant exposure to water emulsification, no saponification.

Technical details

Colors: Brown/green
Specific weight: 0,92 kg/ltr
Flash point > 180°C
Viscosity BT Din Cub 4 ( ISO 2431) bij 40°C: 95 seconden
Scent Specific

Consumption spray, brush or roller: 1 liter to 6-10 sqm, one liter to one m³ tank. Consumption by flotation method: 1 liter of 6m to 10m, 0.4 liters per one m³ tank.

Apply with a sprayer, sponge, scrub brush, brush or roller. Flotation method is recommended for places that are difficult to reach, for example,  ballast tanks. But also when the cost of preparation, cleaning and installation of the surface is important factor. When minimizing the protective layer then the product should again be applied. Product emulsifies with water which will result in a white fatty protective layer. The product should be stored in a cool and dark place, preferable

Surface preparation

  • Remove loose parts of rust;
  • Clean the tank as good as possible, remove silt and other sediments;
  • Rinse salt residues from the tank;
  • Avoid puddles of water on the soil;
  • Tank must be free of water accumulations in corners and gaps;
  • The most ideal situation would be that the steel surface is free from loose rust, dirt, and is as dry as possible.

Instructions for using a spray, brush or roller

  • Shake and stir well before using;
  • Airless spray nozzle 0,4 – 0,7 mm, to spray: product under constant heating of 45 ° C;
  • Do not use solvents or thinners;
  • Clean spray equipment and brushes with non-drying oil.

Instructions for using the flotation method (Float coat)

  • Lubricate the tank bottom and all vertical surfaces to a depth of 5 cm with Oléus Puralin BT. Use a brush, broom or roller;
  • Allow the applied product to bond to the product for at least 12 hours;
  • Fill the tank with a quantity Oléus Puralin BT, 2 liters in one m³ capacity;
  • The increasing level of water should not be more than  1 cm per 5 minutes;Avoid turbulence in water
  • Make sure the vessel is trimmed in such a way that the venting is located at the top of the tank, this way airpockets can be avoided;
  • Fill the tank precisely to ensure that no product can be spilled into surface water;
  • Drain the tank empty as slowly as possible, so that no product liquid can be spilled into surface water;
  • Ensure that the de-ballasting stops before the product reaches the suction line;
  • Repeat this method at least twice;
  • Make sure the tank is completely treated;
  • Untreated surfaces retreat with a brush or roller.

Safety instruction (summary)
Oléus Puralin BT does not contain any solvent. When processing / spraying it is recommendable to use gloves, protective clothing and respiratory protection.

Oleus Puralin BT | float coat

Oleus Puralin BT | float coat