Project Description

Oléusgrease EFL 132


DIN 51502 KEP2G-20 ISO 6743 ISO-L-XBBIB2

Product description
Oléusgrease EFL 132 ( enironmental friendly lubricant) is an anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease based on an optimal blend of renewable biodegradable vegetable oils and biologically degradable esters. The grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives.

The thickener, together with the environmentally adapted base oil, make the product suitable for various applications within given temperature limits. The lubricating grease offers good mechanical stability, load carrying capacity and corrosion protection, making it suitable for heavily loaded bearings as well as wet environments. This product can be used as friction modifier with Oléus BaseKote HL 20 for moving heavy objects. The combination of these two products results in a stated coefficient of friction below µ 0,02 Oléusgrease EFL 132 is a modern high performance readily biodegradable grease for industrial, automotive and marine applications. The product’s all-round properties make it the primary choice for various types of bearing applications especially in cases with “lost lubrication”. Do not use in “”long life lubricated”” applications.

Technical data of Oléusgrease EFL 132

Thickener Anhydrous Calcium
Base oil Vegetable oil/Biodegradable ester
Colour Visual Light brown
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2
Dropping point IP 396 > 140 °C
Base oil viscosity at 40 °C ISO 12058 130 mm²/s
Base oil viscosity at bij 100 °C ISO 12058 24 mm²/s
4-Ball weld load DIN 513504 2800 N
Temperature range -20°C to + 80°C, Max + 100° C
Mechanical stability ISO 2137 265-295
Penetration 60 strokes ISO 2137 +25
Penetration 100.000 strokes
Corrosion protection
SKF Emcor WWO distilled water ISO 11007mod 0-0
SFK Emcor WWO salt water ISO 11007mod 3-3
Copper corrossion 24h/100 °C ASTM D4048 1b
Water stability
Water resistence DIN 51807/1 0-90
Water wash out 1h/80°C ISO 11009 5%
Anti-wear properties
4-ball wear scar ( 1h at 400N ) DIN 51350:5 0,5mm
Approx. density at 20 °C IPPM-CS/03 0,93
Biodegradability OECD 301B >80%

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