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Oléus DeckTec DR – Deck paint

Oléus DeckTec DR Product Description Oléus DeckTec is a paint based on modified alkyd resins and contains dirt-repellent additives. Application Oléus DeckTec DR is a specific semi-gloss paint for deck. Benefits • Contains dirt repellent additives; • Increased resistance to alkalis; • Suitable for fresh and salt water; • Wear resistant; • Can be applied [...]

Oléus HoldMar | Ship hold paint for preservation in anthracite grey.

Oléus HoldMar | Ship hold paint in anthracite grey Developed coating for vessels that sail with coal. Preservation of ships and steel constructions. Product description Oléus HoldMar is a quick drying strong adhesive paint based on modified alkyd resin and pigmented by high performance pigments. Application Oléus HoldMar protects in a quick and easy way. For instance, [...]

Oléus HoldTec FM | Foodfriendly ship hold paint approved by TNO

Oléus HoldTec FM Foodfriendly preservation of metal on the basis of alkyd resin.  Product description Oléus HoldTec FM is a ship hold paint which is based alkyd resin and it consists aromatic free solvent. Application Oléus HoldTec FM preserves in a food-friendly way ship holds and metal construction in the food industry. Benefits Holds paint has been [...]

Oléus Metalkote 633B | Black paint based on bitumen. Made from petroleum solvent.

Oléus Metalkote 633B Preservative for metal on the basis of bitumen. Product description Oléus Metalkote 633B is composed of a bitumen product, that is made liquid from a produced petroleum solvent. Application Oléus Metalkote 633B conserves steel construction, piping, semi-finished steel, and ship components both, on the inside and on the outside. Process Oléus Metalkote [...]