Oléus, the expert in rust prevention.

Our products has been invented to counteract corrosion

About Oléus

Oléus has developed a range of coatings and lubricants through its strong affinity with shipbuilding in which the terms: combating of rust, protection against rust and the maintenance are as the heart of our actions. By focusing on the technical support combined with the method of handling and maintenance Oléus can effectively make your plan work!

Oleus scheepsverf. Producten van Oleus zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor de scheepvaart

Oléus ship paints

The Marine sector sees extremely high standards when it comes to the quality of coatings. This resulted in the development of a special coating for inland navigation which meet those standards. Our marine coatings has primary invented in order to counteract rust.

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Oleus olieen en vetten | Vaak wordt een schip van buiten goed beschermd tegen de roest, echter van binnenuit roest het schip net zo hard.

Oléus oils and greases

The outside of a vessel has more often been protected against rust than from inside out. However, a vessel rust as much from the inside as it does from the outside. To counteract against this kind of corrosion, Oléus has developed special products.

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Oleus developed two new products for application on slipways and carriages.

Oléus ship lifting

To facilitate ship lifting from a traditional slipway, Oléus has developed the Oléus Basekote Hl 20 and the Oléusgrease EFL 132 which take care of a gradual ship lifting into the water. These products complement each other and are meant to be used together.

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    Oleus puralin BT

    New: Oléus Puralin BT

    Oléus Puralin BT is an oily substance composed of oils, anti-rust additives and lanolin. This products does not consists any detergents. Oléus Puralin BT reaches old layers of rust and prevent against further formation of rust. The product forms a non-drying emulsified soft protective layer when situated in a humid environment.

    • Detergent-free. It is not hazardous to apply;
    • Impregnating, which stops further formation of rust;
    • Perfect adhesion to steel surfaces and it provides full protection.
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